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Monday, October 26, 2009

PRT report & photos

The Pink Ribbon Tournament was a very great success! Over $8000 was raised for breast cancer research and that is really saying something in these tough economic times. Mistress Bridget and Duchess Chamayn did a fantastic job putting this event together. Look up the word "organization" in the dictionary. I am certain there are photos of them on that page.

There was combat, rapier, henna and face painting, music, dancing, fiber-play-day, food and drink, T-shirt sales, and of course, the raffle. Pink was the color of the day and many a strong and burly man was sporting said color. I always say it takes a secure man to wear pink and that was never more true than yesterday.

One of the most coveted, if not THE most coveted, raffle items was an exceptionally beautiful damascus blade knife with a carved stone cat handle.
This was donated in the name of and to honor the Duchess Kolfinna. There were literally hundreds, nay, thousands of raffle tickets for this item. It was won by an extremely happy Lord Cormac.

Alys and I had a great time, as always, and wish to send out a hearty thanks to everyone who made yesterday a success. Remember those of us who have fought the fight against breast cancer and have passed on. Please continue to support our sisters (and brothers...I was informed that about 5000 cases of breast cancer occur in men every year) who have won the battle and those who continue to fight the vile scourge of all cancers, for it is only through research that we will (and I believe we will) find not only a cure, but ultimately the prevention of all cancers.

A final note on yesterday's activities;there was some sort of mis-communication with the local IHOP and their commitment to donate 20% of our dinner service to breast cancer research. Our sizable group, some in garb, some not, then went to The Monrovian Family Restaurant at 534 S.Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia. They were fabulous! Excellent service in spite of getting about 30 people all at once and great food. I highly recommend them.

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