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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where To Start..........

As promised, it has been an exceedingly busy last month for La Maison d'Armoise. One event right after the other, and we still are not finished with the season. Phew. I get exhausted just thinking aout it!

Here is a recap of events since my last update:

Queen's Equestrian Champion
What a fun a windy day this was. We had a blast watching the new Queen's Equestrian Champion be chosen. What a great job Mayken de Houtman did in winning the day on the beautiful Jo Jo. Congratulations Mayken. It was well deserved.  Be sure to check out our slide show above for the video of her Victory lap. We also got some great King On A Horse pictures that day.

Altavia Yule

Our next event was over in Alatvia for a Yule celebration. There was so much amazing food! Unfortunately, I think I ate WAY too much that night. But I had to try everything, just to be polite ya know. Our household set up an absinthe tasting at our table, which was very well received. We spent a good evening with good friends. My leeks with leek almond sauce won the prize for Best Side Dish! I was so excited. I won a lovely handmade ceramic cup and plate. Monique came in honorable mention for her gret dessert gingerbread pudding with butterscotch sauce. Yumminess all around. At the raffle both Monique and I went home winners. Monique won a great big basket of yarn and I won a cool box full of embroidery supplies. We were both thrilled.

Authorization for Thrown Weapons
In anticipation for the Queen's Champion Archery and Thrown Weapons Champion Tourney, Monique and I headed out to Woodley Park the day after Altavia Yule for some archery practice and to be authorized in thrown Weapons. We both got authorized, and got some great lessons in knife and axe throwing from the lovely Lady Cecilia (thanks!) and this amazing Russian guy who happened to show up. Unforunately, the Tournament is being re-scheduled due to inclement weather, but that will give us more time to practice throwing things. Monique says I throw like a girl. Meh, what can ya do? Monique took to knives very quickly whereas I surprisingly did very well with axes. We are both hooked and have ordered throwing knives.

Angels' Yule
What a dark and stormy night. What a great evening with friends. There was so much food, it really made one thankful for all that we have when so many people in this knowne wworld have so little. We really are blessed. Lord Balthazar did a stand up job autocratting this event, and a very fun time was had by all. Altavia's own Petronilla won Bardic Competition with an outstanding 80 line viking poem she wrote and recited. That is one amazing kid. And Monique won the dessert competition for her gingerbread pudding with butterscotch sauce. Her prize was a beautiful crystal bowl, donated by Lord Balthazar. We enjoyed good food, good entertainment and some good off color jokes (thanks to Dame Lynette). What an amazing night.

I still have one more Yule celebration this weekend. My home barony, Gyldneholt is having its Yule celebration with the good folks of Lyondemere. I am going to have to attend this one solo, as Monique has Lola duties. It is her grandson's first birthday. Oh my gulay. I am working like a fiend to have my scroll finished to turn in at Yule so it can be handed out at Twelfth Night. Gulp. It is going well, but there is a lot of painting left to do. It started looking very nice last night, though. I am excited to get it finished and turned in. It is my first Kingdom Scroll. Woo Hoo!

Well, that is all I have to report in this post. Cheers to everyone! Happy Holidays!


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