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Monday, November 9, 2009

Coronation Weekend Report

Coronation weekend was great fun. The processional carried Prince Patrick and Princess Kara, standing on shields with sword in hand, down the aisle to the thrones. It was then that King Edward and Queen Mora stepped down and the Prince and Princess were crowned as the undisputed King and Queen of the Kingdom of Caid. It was great pageantry and made both Alys and myself tear up.

After coronation, there was some brief downtime and then the feasting commenced. The food was all prepared and served by the members of the Barony of Gyldenholt. The food was fabulous and no one went hungry...I am sure of that! Diners brought commercial wine and homemade mead and many went cheerfully from table to table offering samples. They were delicious! After dinner, the tables were cleared away and chairs were set up around the room to leave the center open for dancing. Alys tripped the light fantastic with Charlie, a lovely gentleman we met at our dinner table. (I woke up Saturday morning with a mild cold so I was pretty tired by the time dinner was over, no energy left for dancing*sigh*)

Sunday morning Alys and I took our time getting ready for Queen's Champion tournament. We went out to breakfast in our garb and were stared at a bit. Go figure.;-) The most interesting comment we got was from the waitress who asked if Sunday was one of our holidays, you know, for Wicca. Uh, no....

Although it appeared overcast early in the morning, by the time we got to the site in Irvine, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining bright. Alys and I set up our chairs and baskets with the Barony of Altavia (the greatest Barony in the knowne world!) and got to work embroidering and weaving. Alys is weaving a fabulous (and I might add a 40 card pattern) in the colors of Caid for the King and Queen. I worked frantically to beat the clock on an embroidery piece for the On The Spot embroidery contest.

Alys was asked if she would like to herald for some of the fighting and she eagerly accepted. Like any new skill, she learned as the day went on and became a crackerjack field herald by the end of the day! Between you and me, I think she's hooked...At the end of the day, Duke Sven was victorious as the Queen's Champion.

I'll wager few people witnessed our Baron Secca, on his knees in full armor talking to a small boy with his father. The Baron then offered his weapon to the boy and allowed the child to take a whack at his head. The child was shy and swung lightly but was obviously pleased with the opportunity! Altavia is the best!

Oh, yeah. I won the prize of embroidery scissors in the OTS embroidery contest. For the first time ever, I was called to accept the prize at court. Very cool.

It's now Monday morning and we have returned to our mundane lives. Ah, well. Time to make some progress on other projects before the next event!

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