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Thursday, November 5, 2009

That Crazy Time of Year

Well, it is officially upon us. The crazy time of year has begun. From Coronation to Twelfth Night, Monique and I have our calendars and projects lists crammed to the max. We are currently getting everything ready for Coronation weekend - which means a lot of sewing needs to be completed. I am starting to accept that the trim I wanted to add to my Barony's largess just might not be finished in time for coronation. Blech.

After Coronation weekend, which includes Coronation on Saturday and the Queen's Champion on Sunday, we have something scheduled for almost every weekend and of course projects to prepare for almost every event. Monique and I have 3 Yule events to attend, and she is also making a trip of to the Pacific Northwest. We have Thanksgiving with Monique's family and I have Christmas in Arizona with my family. Then Tweflth night in the beginning of January. Monique also has a birthday in a little over a week. Sheesh. So little time.

Being the over acheiver I am, I have decided to make everyone's Christmas presents this year. Sure. I have time for that, don't I?

Monique and I have been so overdoing with our projects lately, that we both have "craft injuries". Seriously. We have sore backs and each have a bad case of what I am now calling "weaver's arm". Maybe next year, we can start all of our end of the year projects earlier. Probably won't happen, but it's an idea.

We should have lots of great photos to share with everyone over the next few months, so keep tuning in to our slide show.

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